FraudEver — Complete solution for traffic filtration

Offer is limited:
Just 15 places.

What is this?

We develop the project in 2 ways simultaneously:
FraudForever — Private solution for cloaking with full support. For arbitragers, with love.
FraudNever — software for protection from frauds and cheaters. For Internet-shops, payment services, banks, partners, etc. (mainstream, there are no public sales yet)

FraudForever – this is well-considered software package that divides unwanted clicks (from bots, antiviruses, spy services like Adplexity and other) from clicks of real targeted users that bring you profit. In other words – you will advertise your website, and when bots/ spies would visit it – they would be redirected to the replaced website and the necessary users would get to the target site

Using FraudForever you can:
 Get as much traffic as you want.
 In any niche.
 No more bans or traffic losses.


Way of system integration on your website:

Installation for 10 seconds.  We will send you just one line with js-code, which you should insert into the code of your website. The installation is completed!

If necessary  we are ready to provide payable education on accounts creation and starting of advertisement in advertisement systems Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and any others.
For maximal effectiveness we can buy and customize for you VPS or dedicated server in the same region where your traffic would go for minimization of delays and rise of ROI. By all this, access to configurations will be available only for you so that no one outside (including us) will not see your cases, logs and settings.


How this works:

**Filtration on 50+ parameters!
Basic boring things:
- On geography, without requests to external servers (flash-like) and you can indicate the list of countries for which the access is open as well as vice versa – the list of countries the traffic from which you do not need,
- by empty referrer (direct entry to the website not from the advertisement — bot),
- by UserAgents (separate browsers/operation systems/devices can be brought to the stop-list or vice versa only they will be admitted), by attributes of UserAgents (when they contain bot, crawler, spy and other stop-words),
-  check by unwanted referrers,
and many others.


FraudForever is provided for you by lease for the necessary term.
You can choose convenient tariff for you, talking to our manager. Cooperation is protected by our strict privacy policy.
for visit in log
(all are paid: targeted visits from clients and unwanted visits from bots )
«Cloud, Basic»
Works on our server
Setup through JS-code within 10 seconds
Filtration rules managemens operates over our manager (control panel will be soon)
Allowed not for all niches
Test (demo) is available
Minimal deposit: $1
per day
(without limitations on traffic, domains and number of copies)
«Autonomous, Advanced»
Works independently on your server, installation by simple extracting of ZIP-archive.
Administration filtration rules by yourself through local config-file.
Themes are not limited
Test-drive is not available
Minimal term of lease: 7 days


Yes, free test (demo) (demo) is available with tariff FraudEver «Cloud, Basic».
1. Domain should support protocol HTTPS (ssl).
2. Domain where should be "white" website for bots and spies should not be advertised earlier.
3. Domain where the main website would be (for ordinary users) – can be any.
Very quickly. We insert only one line of code to your page and the setup is done.
Yes, you will see detailed log of all visits. (Date, time, ip, city, country and status: allowed or not)
1. You need to place “white” website to domain that was not advertised earlier in Adwords/Facebook etc.
2. Set advertisement noting "white" website and wait for moderation passing
3. After moderation passing we install one line of code to your website
4. Bots and spies will see the “white” website and the users – any website that you will identify.
We can work through warranty-service (escrow). If something doesn’t work, we also guarantee money back for 100%.
Our service works with any source of traffic.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Webmoney

Advanced things that really work nowadays:

— Compilation on-the-fly 2 types of system prints (FingerPrints) — on the basis of resolution analysis, versions Java/SilverLight/Flash, language of the SYSTEM, time belt, established adds in browser, established fonts in the SYSTEM, indirect analysis of video card/drivers, etc. Analogues of such program are present in PayPal/Adwords, but they were not used in cloaking by any other solutions. As a result change of IP, UserAgent and even browser (simultaneously) — won’t help to hide that this bot/spy already visited your website and was caught in a trap.

— **Trap system (Trap). Create some of your advertisements as a link where a special parameter is given. This visit will define the visitor as unwanted. This is convenient for "inversion" of grey announcement – mixed up with white: when bot/spy comes and gets announcement with special parameter and already gets itself to the black list by Finger Prints – and when it comes to checking of our grey announcement it will already see the content for unwanted, because it will be in the basis of black-lists)

— **Black and white lists. IP-addresses, FingerPrints, sources and key words all this is automatically on-the-fly analyzed and brought to black and white lists for you to see (automatically) from where you get more bots, from where you get more real people, what you need to turn off and what is to be strengthened to get more proficient traffic. The pass-through of UTM-marks, subID, and even PostBacks are also supported. By the test results you will clearly see by which channels come more or less “Bot” traffic, it means you’ll be able to turn off the nonoperating links not tarrying for the testing budget losses for the test of sources of traffic sources/ links. Even in Adwords according to our tests – in average 35% bots. Do you want to pay for them further on to see negative ROI? Or we’ll turn them off at once? All that is needed from you to do this — write UTM-marks while giving URL to advertisement. The rest will be done by our complex and as a result will give prepared black and white (in convenient TXT files, separately).

— **Overfiltration: If all the local tests are accomplished (and resolution of the screen isn’t 10х10 pixels and in local black-lists the click wasn’t highlighted with red), then the user «breaks through» by the internal IP base (aggregates on our server), and there it will be visible for sure (We don’t reveal this technology, because further on we plan to sell the solution to the Internet-shops for protection from frauds and carders): whether is used proxy /VPN/Tor/RDP dedicated server, or the traffic is clear. In short: are analyzed all the available online free and chargeable proxies, shops Socks/SSH, dedicated servers, and the bases IP are gathered, total volume of base of «dirty IP» is more than 200 million addresses. If user passes even this filter – he comes up (by meta or other type of redirect) to the link that you put in script. Otherwise — he gets replacement content.

Analogically it is filtered by FingerPrints parameter. You won’t need to gather the base of fingertips of bots/spies by yourself, this base is already gathered and continues to increase by means of centralized functioning system of this module (it can be either turned off if wanted or switched to local mode).

— **Replacement content: You mention link to any foreign website or lending and this website is inferred on your domain. No WGETs, deflations, creating lendings, just mention foreign website and it will be shown to bots and spies instead of redirect (they won’t see that redirect was designed). Uploaded website will be cached on the server not to load system resources with constant address to external sources, by the way – you can always correct the content of cached page. As an option, you can upload your local content/lending.

— **The system is not strict to resources, it will get started even on shared-hosting and will bear 10000 people per day without drags.

Even if you face some problems in system setting - ask question to our technical support and we’ll help you. You’ll have 2 personal managers (one – specialist in skipping bots/spies, the other - programmer) and they’ll provide complex support for you almost 24/7.


Offer is limited:
Only 15 places.

Our offer – for large affiliate masters with serious budgets.

Get as much traffic as you want. In any niche. No more bans or traffic losses!

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